The Fertility Challenge with Tai Beauchamp

No it’s not some new trendy food wave in the  NYC brunch scene…

It’s a  movement for women who have considered “life insurance” when their current life is doing the absolute most. It is no surprise that at a time where women are choosing to postpone starting families to slay corporate dragons, travel the world, or simply buck societal norms that tell us when and how we should procreate, that egg-freezing is on the rise; however, for women of color, are we being left out in the cold?

survey conducted by researchers at the Fertility Center at New York University Langone Medical Center and New York University School of Medicine found that 80% of respondents who had frozen eggs at their center to preserve fertility were white and though the tide may be shifting, it’s happening at a much slower rate for us. Black women often have to answer for making informed decisions about our reproductive lives in ways that others often don’t.
No one has been more vocal about this than TV Personality, Beauty & Style Expert, and all around #Goaldigger Tai Beauchamp.

Listen to this weeks episode as she tells us all about her egg freezing journey…the good, the bad, and the f**king expensive!

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Images by Christelle Eloi / @eloiphotography

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