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sesame_place_balloonIf someone asked me to describe my life in 6 words I’d quickly say “I survived Brooklyn in the eighties.” What more can I say? I learned really early how to move in certain neighborhoods, when to tuck my chain and take off my earrings, and never sit on the end seat near the open door with your shine on…ya know, Brooklyn ish. I can proudly say that I have only been robbed ONCE (8:00 am, ’93, late March, Sutter Av-Rutland Road stop on the 3 train…he had a purple hoodie on and a scroungy beard. If I ever see him again it’s on sight) and thanks to the Kool G. Rap’s Live and Let Die album blaring through my Walkman’s earbuds at obscene levels, the battery in my back was on full charge and I didn’t lose my door knockers without a fight. Once…until yesterday.

The day started out like any other Saturday morning with my Sugar Bear. Wake up at some ridiculously early time (5:40 am seems to be his go to these days), play, eat, play some more, watch the Cake Monster episode of Wallykazam! for the umpteenth time, and then take a nap around 10:00 am–the usual. Except on this Saturday we were headed to the PNC arena here in Raleigh, NC to see Sesame Street Live: Let’s Dance. As expected, the show was packed with screaming toddlers, sleep-deprived parents, and energy…lots of energy. Amir was in his glory!

We made it through the first half of the show and almost through the intermission with me not spending any money on overly-priced junk I could purchase for $1.00 from Target’s Bullseye’s Playground and then this mutha hustla comes through the arena with balloons…and Amir loses it.

I make my way down to where the balloons are being sold and the parents are already lined up. I have $5.00 in my hand, which I think is astronomical, but I get the markup…it’s for your kid. I notice a few people walk away with sulking toddlers, but I keep moving towards the front. I hand the man $5.00 and then this $@#$%# says, “oh, it’s $10” da f*c! $10.00 for some helium and mylar? At this point, I turn to leave, but Amir has got strings to all 47 of the balloons that the man is selling wrapped around his hand. The man looked at me, then down at Amir, then back up at me…

This balloon better last forever, ever.


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  1. June 6, 2016 / 2:23 pm

    @Kirsten…I know now. They start from the door. They almost had me with a $17 mini Elmo doll, but I God…but I couldn’t shake the balloon guy lol.

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