Mom Crush: Joanna Simkin


Around seven years ago, in the back office of the Carol’s Daughter flagship store in Brooklyn, Joanna Simkin told us she would no longer be serving as the Manager of Events & Communications for the brand because she would be pursuing her dream of becoming a full-time makeup artist.

Joanna was one of the first to believe in the Get ‘Em Girl brand and was the source of many of our first catering jobs. Not only was she a great plug, but also a confidant who supported our goals in the midst of an industry that was always looking for free services. I reluctantly, told her we were proud of her and she would be missed, but in the back of my mind I thought “this chick is crazy.” The Carol’s Daughter brand was popping, the Harlem store was about to open and she was working with the who’s who in music, fashion etc. What more could she want? Little did I know…

Flash forward 7 years, Joanna is one of the most sought after makeup artist in the industry. Just last week she beat the faces of four celebrities for the Met Gala, she was featured on discussing motherhood, shared beauty hacks with and recently announced that she will now be represented by The Wall Group–a talent agency for elite fashion stylists, hairstylists, makeup artists, production designers and motion DPs.

Salute to @smushbrown‘s Mom; we see you !!!

Photo Credit: Joanna Simkin Instagtam

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