Milestone Alert: Dakota is 9 months old!


Happy Sunday Lovelies! Guess what? I am 9 months old now!!! So much has been happening, where should I begin? Well, I’ve been doing this daycare thing for 2 months now and 2 weeks in I got the cooties  (my first cold) and brought them home to my mother and father.  Other than learning my immune system and spreading germs to my parents,  I am also learning how to talk, socialize, and use my hands to clap and wave.  My favorite word for the past few weeks is Da-Da.   I am also able to recognize who my Da-Da is, which makes him happy when he picks me up from daycare and I scream his name as I crawl to him.

I’m trying a lot of new foods these days, I like all vegetables, fruits (especially watermelon), chicken bones, mashed potatoes, pancakes and any food my father likes to sneak me. I was 22 lbs and 30 inches when I went to the doctor in July and although I am still not walking yet,  I will be moved from the Early Adventurers (Infant) class to the Voyager (Toddlers) class in a week.   A week ago, I started the transition and met my new teachers and classmates.  There are a lot of walkers in the new class, but my heart doesn’t pump kool-aid and I will not be ran over.  My mother is already planning a new wardrobe for my new class after I came home 2 days with ashy/scratched up knees.  No more pretty sundresses for me just stretch pants, jeans and sneakers.

Well I guess that’s all for right now, but before I depart I am going to leave you all with some BARS.  I have been keeping up with the #sogonechallenge  and consulted with my ghostwriter, so lets go. Drop the beat:

“Turned 9 months. Then the eviction papers came. They said it’s time to move on. Learn a new game. New sheriff in town and Dakota’s her name. Even though I’m not a walker. Momma’s still gone reign! Life as a shorty shouldn’t be so rough, switched up my wardrobe cause times is tough. Put the sundresses up. Daddy cop’d me some timbs. We be riding around Vegas with the hers and hims. Got black girl magic, so of course I’m gon’ twirl. Nikki D on the flow. Cause  I’m  Daddy’s Little Girl!”


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