Milestone Alert: Dakota Is 7 Monthish


Hey lovelies!! I’m 7 months and some change now (almost 8…my mother needs to be more timely with my updates).  Look at me looking all patriotic. My mother sang something to me about “the land of the free” but I saw CNN last night too #Idontbelieveyou #youneedmorepeopleMa

Anywho, as you can see I am getting so big last time I went to the doctor in May I was 21 lbs, 29.5 inches. I’m pretty big for my age and am very mobile these days! I can crawl, get off of the couch majority of the times without falling, I can also sidestep all over the house as long as I am holding onto something or someone.  My parents keep trying to put me in these white shoes that are supposed to help me walk faster, but they seem a little bulky, restrictive and they are hard. I like to mimic my mother and father when they laugh or makes funny sounds and I can say Ma, Da and something that sounds like “I’m mad.” I enjoy eating cereal, watermelon, yogurt and all of the vegetables I am given.  I am open to try new foods, but when I don’t like something I respond by not opening my mouth or giving them the gas face while spraying food all over their clothes… they should know better than to feed me quinoa with zucchini.  My father loves to sneak me treats when he thinks my mother is not looking, but she always catches him.

My favorite show is still Mickey Mouse Club House and I am starting to clap when I hear music I like.  I also love hearing my mother say “Go Kota get busy…Go Kota get busy.”  She calls this gassing me up.  Whenever she needs me to do something like get my hair combed, she also starts rhyming things like “Dakota wanna get down, Dakota wanna battle, say what she wanna do… cha cha cha” #shoutout2Busta  Lastly, as you all might have read, I started daycare.  It is cool, I am not crazy about sharing the attention of my teachers, but I have got great reports back and I am learning to socialize.

Well, I guess this is enough for now; by the next time we speak, you all can call me Passport Princess! I heard my mother mention something about Auntie Jeniece and my brother Amir going underground and a revolution, so we may be traveling  to visit them in Dubai soon…



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