Kiddle Me, Baby! The Answer to Every Parent’s Search-Engine Nightmare?


Around my house I am known as the Google Queen (something like a Dancehall Queen but with far less dutty whines); any debates, body aches or baby milestone inquiries go directly to Google…who needs common sense or a Physician’s opinion?  So, with the launch of Kiddle, the powered by Google search engine for children I no longer have to worry about Dakota typing my name in and coming across an old twerk video or my Black Planet profile as Kiddle will only show results from websites specifically written for children or trusted websites selected by Kiddle editors.

Kiddle’s search engine results are divided into three categories. The first category contains kid-friendly pages intended for children. The second category hosts the websites that are not intended for kids, but have content that can be easily understood. Lastly, the third category solely focuses on the sites with adult content, blocking the child’s access. Kiddle uses big thumbnails and Arial font which makes it easier for your child to navigate. Kiddle also does not collect any personally identifiable information and deletes their logs every 24 hours. I gave the search engine my own test by typing in some derogatory words and I was presently surprised when repeatedly a robot was displayed on my screen with the caption “Oops, try again!”


Check out this 60 second tour of Kiddle:


Correction: is Powered by Google and is not a product

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