It’s A Shame


*woosahs and adjusts crown*

We strongly suggest that you that avoid telling a mother how to raise their child in public. ESPECIALLY if you are a non muthaf**king factor stranger…

We have all been there. You are in the middle of Target and your child looses every bit of act right in the middle of aisle 7 and some “overly-concerned” passer-by decides to give you their best Dr. Phil advice on what to do with your child. What moms want you to know is that most of us are aware that our child is making a scene and that they may *gasp* be getting on your nerves, but guess what? They are driving us nuts too, but they are kids and we won’t advocate beating them like Miss Celie told us to just to make you feel comfortable. We get that there are negligent moms out there, but give us the benefit of the doubt.

The ladies of the Hey, Ma Podcast are learning how to control that strong pimp hand and respond like mature adults, even though we really want to wild out like The Lox in ’00!
But what about you? Have you ever been mom shamed in public? How have you handled it?

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  1. Yolanda Carney
    November 7, 2017 / 9:44 pm

    Hey girl hey!!!
    Such a controversial topic! I am truly ole’ skool to the bone. I do still believe in spankings and belts. In my household I found it to be very effective. The good news is, I did not have to enforce spankings often. I have what they called “The Mother’s Stare” and once I gave my boys the look, whatever was going on at that particular moment was not warranted and quickly dissolved. In public they did not act out, because they knew it would not go over well. Yes, I have seen a great number of children that I thought deserved a spanking, but I sip my own damn tea.
    My boys are now 16 and 29 and they still get the stare and respect it! I have a grandson now and yes he knows what a spanking is and has tried to act out in public, but he does not like SPANKINGS!

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