Happy Father’s Day Special

In honor of #FathersDay we declare that all #dopedads get the big piece of chicken and must listen to this week’s episode of #HeyMaPodcast dedicated to all the dope dads in our lives…kidding but not kidding.

Join us this week as we talk about how we are celebrating the dads that wipe the boogies, take the L’s in the middle seat on cross country flights, and hold it down after work while mom slays corporate dragons into the wee hours of the night….you all make the world go ’round so we toast to you!

Now in the spirit of we shouldn’t say this but we’re going to anyways…Father’s Day is to honor the good dads of the world, if this is pain point for you, we love you…but save it for Monday.  Now everyone keep calm,  crown the fathers king for the day and keep the cyber trolls at bay!

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