Dope Mom Approved: ZoLi Buzz B



While on vacation I attempted to Face Time my husband so I could see our daughter; however, after 5 minutes of conversation, he had yet to produce Dakota.  I could hear her in the background, but still no Dakota!  Before I could put out an Amber Alert, my husband finally came clean and told me that little Miss “Dakota-Scissorhands” had decided to scratch her face and this particular scratch had drew blood.  Though I wasn’t upset, I was concerned because after several attempts at filing and clipping her nails, we were still waking up to new scratches in the morning. Just when I thought I would have to revert back to putting gloves on her at 3 months, I came across the ZoLi buzz b.; a battery operated nail trimmer that safely files tiny fingernails without harming the surrounding skin.

The buzz b. is safe and gentle for newborns to toddlers, comes with 4 cushioned pads of varying textures, and a cute storage and travel case.  I was also glad that the buzz b. included 1 AA battery (because I had already started plotting on my husband’s  Xbox controller).  I will say the price of $31.45 is a little hefty compared to an emery board, however the trimmer works well and Dakota is less fussy during her daily manicure.  It has been a week and I am happy to report no new scratches!


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