Daycare Chronicles: Hug It Out


We recently switched Dakota to a private in home daycare and once a week our caregiver sends us pictures of Dakota. We look forward to receiving cute pictures of her sculpting Playdough®, playing instruments or eating; however, this week we were thrown off when we received two pictures of Dakota hugging one of her male playmates.  Now of course any normal person would see this picture and think “Awww she’s so sweet, look at her socializing”; however, Dakota’s parents are a little crazy so what should have been a beautiful moment was turned into pointless conversation.  I knew when I forwarded the picture to Dwan he was going to have an issue; so I counted 5, 4, 3, 2…and on cue I heard my phone ring.

Crazy Dad: I don’t like this at all!

Crazy Mom: Yeah, I am a little thrown off too

You see, the way our crazy is set up, we saw Dakota being smitten over a handsome little boy. We saw hearts and arrows floating above their heads and we heard “A Teenage Love”, “Is This The End” and “No More Daddy’s Little Girl” playing in the background. In reality, Dakota is a friendly and social 13-month old and Elias is an awesome 4 year old–and they are doing just what they are suppose to do…socialize, be friendly, and love one another. While we were c0-starring in, “Two Flew over the Cuckcoo’s Nest,”  Elias’ parents (who are our friends), were light-hearted, happy, and thanking God for such a wonderful caring son.

While it is okay for us to want to protect our daughter, I think it is important for her to know that we are equally as proud of her whether she is showing us her sign language skills or shaking hands with a new friend.  At this age she doesn’t identify gender or race yet and we should be proud that she is social and can get along with her peers.

So you keep being the sweet baby we have raised you to be Dakota, and I will pray this crazy off of your father.


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