Daycare Chronicles: Dakota’s First Day


Today is such a bittersweet day.  As I sit here typing, I am wiping away my tears… tears of JOY that is! I’se free, thank you Lord!  This morning, Dwan and I dropped Dakota off for her first day of daycare.  So far so good, it has been three hours and I have not not received a call. She also did not cry when we left, due in part to us running out the door when she turned her back.

I am so excited that she will get the opportunity to socialize and be in an environment that will teach her Spanish and sign language.  I love being a mother, but it has come to a point where I had to realize that my child was not benefiting from me constantly trying to put her to sleep or make her play in her playpen so that I can clean up or do office work. Dakota’s cat-napping and exploratory nature is not conducive for me to work from home.


Though, trusting someone to care for her is scary, I look forward to learning new things about Dakota. Like, does she share?  Will she sleep in their crib or playpen?  Did she eat her food like a big girl or slime her teachers by blowing bubbles (which splatters her food everywhere)?

I know it will take some getting used to ’cause I keep hearing her babbling and cooing and just as I make a dash to go get her, I remember I’se  still free! What will I do with all of this free time?


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