Chomper Style: Dakota’s Got Teeth!


I have been anticipating Dakota’s first teeth and they are finally here!  At 4 months I assumed she was teething because she started drooling, biting on everything she could get her hands on, and rubbing her face.  However, at her 6 month check-up my Pediatrician assured me Dakota was not teething yet and these were signs of her digestive system developing. This would probably explain why those teething tablets I was giving her never worked.

Fast forward 3 months and she has two teeth coming in, a lot of wet bibs, intense diaper changes (read between the lines) and two missing earrings.  I can deal with sitting in wet spots, but when I awoke yesterday to no earrings I was a little upset (I guess spending $130 on a 4-month-old’s earrings wasn’t a great/economical decision after all).  Either way, I believe after all this anticipation, I am ready for whatever changes this teething process will bring.  To help me with the teething process…

  • I put two uncooked eggs in a pair of Dwan’s favorite church socks and hung each sock in the entrance of my bedroom and Dakota’s bedroom.  Of course this sounds crazy, but my girlfriends swear by this old wive’s tale so it is worth a try.
  • My sister and Jeniece were in my Instagram DM’s sending me pictures of a new product called the Munch Mitt. I purchased this awesome invention on Amazon and was so excited about the idea of her being able to wear a mitt on her hand that would help soothe her gums.
  • Lastly, I also kept it old school with a water teething ring that we keep in the freezer.

For all of the googling and purchasing I have done, I honestly don’t think any of my remedies are working…Baby Wu-Tang will not wear the mitt, though she will hold it in her hand. She loves to put anything in her mouth BUT her teething ring…and the verdict is still out on the egg sock.  At this point I think I will just keep some baby Tylenol on deck and stop overthinking the process.

Dope Moms, what remedies are you using or have you used for your teething babies?


  1. October 9, 2016 / 5:16 pm

    Since I’m late like CNN instead of offering advice I will ask how the egg + sock combo worked as I’ve never heard of it before & it sounds interesting.

    • October 9, 2016 / 7:32 pm

      Honestly, I can’t say that it worked for Amir when I did it, but I was told I put it up to late. The key is to hang it before they start teething.

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