Baby On Board: Random Act of Kindness

After watching CNN coverage of yesterday’s mass shooting in Orlando, FL, I awoke this morning needing to feel positive… needing to still believe in people.  My mind flashed back to a random act of kindness my family received in April while traveling home from our Easter vacation.  As a new parent, one of my biggest fears was traveling with a newborn.  I can honestly admit I am that traveler that dislikes sitting next to children.  I thought making it through the flight with a 4 ½ month old would be the toughest part of traveling, but I never thought about the process of just making it to the flight. The thought of going through security was giving me the most anxiety.  I noticed the two times I had traveled solo, that I was very aggressive and had become the crazy lady who ice grills the TSA Agent and scolds him for handling my breast milk recklessly.  However, my experience at Raleigh Durham International really changed my outlook on traveling and people.


I believe it was obvious to the TSA Agents that this was our first time traveling with an infant and they jumped into action.  After walking through the x-rays, TSO Ashley Harris noticed Dwan was wearing the baby carrier incorrectly, so she took the initiative to show him how to wear the carrier so that he could have more support for his back and Dakota would be comfortable.  Afterwards, STSO Chris John witnessed Dwan having difficulty putting on his sneakers and graciously offered to tie his laces.  This really touched my heart because Dwan was recovering from a surgery on his patella tendon and at that time he was still unable to bend his right leg.

These two individuals went above and beyond their job description. This is the southern hospitality, I often hear of, but rarely ever see anymore. So as we travel this world, let us be kind to one another remain humble and always willing to be of service…because your actions could change someone’s day or maybe even save their life.



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